Digital Communication Specialist in Copenhagen

Creativity and strategy in bits and bytes.

Visual communication that works

I work where strategy and creativity meet, where communication and design mingle and mate. Currently, I do this as Sr. Digital Communication Specialist at Open ApS.

What do I make? Whatever best solves the issues at hand, while meeting or exceeding business targets. This could be multimedia campaigns, newsletters, games, film scripts and storyboards, employee onboarding tools, magazines, e-learning courses, conference and event elements, posters, PowerPoint presentations, websites, dialogue workshop tools, apps and ... you get the idea.

In short, I make visual communication that works.

Nearly all the work I've done in the last five years has been for large Danish and North European corporations operating globally. As I work primarily with internal communication, with solutions delivered in confidence, I have no publicly available portfolio to speak of.

So instead, use check out 163 seconds of Hawking's Theory of Everything animated. Like me, you might even learn something.


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