EXT: The front steps of a modest house in the country. We stand before an old wooden door, looking through a pane of frosted glass, hoping to see signs of movement inside. To each side of the door sits a large fern in a clay pot. Swallows are singing softly in the distance.


(footsteps growing louder, approaching door)

1: "Hello, I'm here to see Matthew Lequick please."

2: "Good day. Mr.Lequick has taken advantage of the sunshine and stepped out for some tennis. Can I help you?"

Choose your own adventure:

v1: "Yes. Who the hell is Matthew Lequick?"

w1: "Yes, as to Matthew... what has he done?"

x1: "Yes. Show me Matthew Lequick on LinkedIn."

y1: "Yes. Show me Matthew Lequick on Twitter."

z1: "No, I'll show myself out."

Yes, well then, let's start at the beginning... Matthew is a designer and visual communicator. He's a concept developer at Open in Copenhagen. He likes to think he is an 'ideas guy' but between you and me, he's more a doer than a thinker. He's been working professionally as a designer, in different shapes and forms, for nearly a decade.

He likes to say "I have no style. Because there is no 'right' style. There's only a right solution" but he won't say this out loud until after a Manhattan or three. He also likes to say "Don't be complex. Don't be simple. Be appropriate." But again, I think he got that from Steve Jobs or someone.

Matthew has degrees in both communication and graphic design and he sees the line between the two fields as fuzzy at best.

Matthew won't hatch your strategy, but he'll make it easier for others to understand. He won't write your texts, but he'll make them shorter and sharper. You might ask him to design a website, but he might find the root of the problem somwhere else and surprise you. He's been asked for a logo and he delivered a visual ecosystem. Matthew tends to balance the serious with the edgy, the reserved with the playful, the timid with the bold.

Despite what you have heard, he is not Canadian, though he did abide by The Accord.

As designer and concept developer, Matthew has contributed his skills and talents to many organizations, including:

Danmarks Udensrigministeret (The Danish Ministery of Foreign Affairs)
Danske Bank
Dansk Industri (DI)
Eli Lilly
Femmes Régionales
Hotel Pro Forma
Københavns Kommune
Logica (Now CGI)
Microsoft (XBox and Zune)
Transavia Airlines

People tend to say nice things about him.

In the first week it became apparent that Matthew’s style and presence would be exceptional, and he never failed to live up to that first impression. From the initial thumbnails to final product, his solutions would bring an uncommon approach that not only exceeded the project requirements, but also left an indelible impression.

David Cusak

Matthew possesses an innate sense of design and his ability to listen and process critique makes him adaptable to many styles and aesthetics.

Jon Bridgman
Owner / Creative Director, bridgmandesign

Matthew has an acute design sense and the ability to express abstract concepts through strong visual cues and text. Matthew excels at project management. His personality strengths are imagination, organization, reliability, persistence, and a strong sense of ethics. I have worked with many graphic designers over my ten-year career in arts administration. Matthew Lequick ranks at the very top.

Linden Ontjes
General Director, Eleventh Hour Productions

Creative, inspiring, tenacious, subtle, daring, and supportive would be the words that best describe Matthew.
Paul Stambaugh

Furthermore, the above quotes were obtained without extortion.

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